High hopes, Low expectations.
I enjoy experience of all shapes and sizes.
But especially, I like MUSIC, nature, poetry, and art.
People should have dimension.

patagonia-preppy said: Molly, I wish I got to know you as well as I always wanted to. Its sad, because I really think you have a good heart and would understand people, and people like me. I really hope you are doing well! And I hope maybe someday we can hangout for real. No more empty promises. <3 Stay beautiful! :)

Annika, you are a wonderful person. The kind of person, that sends a message like this just to speak your mind and be great. It really lifted my spirits. I hope we get the chance to get to know one another better as well. I imagine we could have nice conversation, which is so rare! I hope all is well with you. You certainly deserve it. :)

11:20   2-11-12

Anonymous said: Do you ever stop loving your first love?

I think it depends on the type of person you are, and they are. I think it’s sometimes reasonable to always have feelings for them, but if the first person you love is the last person you ever love, than that is absurd.

0:47   2-9-12


Joe Strummer


Joe Strummer

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As far as Tebow goes..

Dear religious Tebow fans who love him for his love of Jesus,

Does it really take a famous, overpaid athlete’s religion to remind you that you’re Christian? I am not particularly religious, but religion fascinates me. It seems more and more like free will is a dying form of expression. I’m not ranting about your faith, believe what you want. I am ranting about your tendency to abuse the mercy of your God while living in a way that hardly abides by the bible. If you believe in Jesus then why aren’t you living with Jesus’s biggest lesson in mind: the importance of intelligence, acceptance, individualism, morality and free-thinking. And to answer your question: no, Jesus is not a Tebow fan. Chances are, Jesus has better things to do than favor one player over another or one team over another in a game that clearly illustrates “his people” turning against one another all for the sake of an egotistical title. He’s probably busy answering all your prayers for miracles and pleads for forgiveness. The father, the son and the holy spirit is not your God: Tebow is your goddamn God. Don’t you get it? If your religion is a reality then the NFL is a beautiful example of sin. You could talk about anything slightly below the surface and I might buy the idea that you actually are a genuine “Christian”. As of now, I have a hard time believing your religious enthusiasm is anything more than the most recent fad, like planking, smoking cigarettes, feather hair extensions, or doing drugs at dubstep shows. You’re all a bunch of sheeps. Now one more time, please, enlighten me as to what I should believe.

Cool thanks,

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I caught my parents “Facebooking” from separate rooms of the house today.

23:32   1-8-12

This absurd pile of cardboard and plastic packaged one of my Christmas presents this year. And yes, clearly I&#8217;m fourteen years old.

This absurd pile of cardboard and plastic packaged one of my Christmas presents this year. And yes, clearly I’m fourteen years old.

19:55   1-8-12

Anonymous said: Molly, you are a beautiful girl. Does someone have your heart? If so, does he know he has it?

Wow thank you, mysterious person. Someone sure has my attention, but I don’t give away my heart too easily.

14:40   1-2-12

deankeim said: Is this Molly Barlett from Sauna? If so, I can't wait to see you kick ass at the Tennis show~

Hey I just now saw this. Clearly I’m hardly ever on my Tumblr. Yes, it is. Thanks dude, you rule!

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